A friend recently asked me if I’d be able to put together audio of the late, great Kwame Ture aka Stokely Carmichael. I simply thought I would organize a few pieces for him but eventually I focused all my attention on packaging the political theories of Ture/Carmichael as if I were to give these to a complete stranger. A few months back, me and a group of friends watched, The Black Power Mixtape, and I was reminded about the logic, precision, and candor of Carmichael. I read “Black Power” back in college but at that time I was enamored with Malcolm and Fanon but the silverlinning of Carmichael is that he embodies the two perfectly. Whereas Fanon’s strength was philosophizing about mental freedom through armed struggle, and Malcolm shinned in strategy and creating a universal human rights platform, Ture inhabited both realms often simultaneously. If one thing is for sure, daring, unapologetic voices are needed to offset the current political conundrum where substantive policy  fails and hypocrisy prevails.

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  1. Jason wrote:

    Thanks a bunch, I have been looking for more radical audio. This is great.

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